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Diploma in Animation & Visual Effects at Filmakademie

Studying has been a lot of fun, even though it involved a lot of time having spent indoors. Before my time at the Filmakademie I had no clue of how animation works and had never even touched any kind of video software. So when I got accepted I had a lot of catching up to do. Therefore I’ve watched a tone of tutorials and soaked up any information I could get from my colleagues. Since there aren’t that many classes at the Filmakademie, it’s up to you what you make out of your time there. The school itself is very “art academy” oriented. They give you the equipment and time and let you decide what you want to do with it. Ofcourse there are mandatory classes as well, but pretty early on it becomes clear that youself are the engine and runs your studies.

Looking back I have no regrets of how I spent my time there. After the first year (the only one with real weekly mandatory classes), I spent most of my time into making BOB. My first time where I have gotten in contact with 3d animation. Making this movie was insanely hard. Even though when I look at it now I, would have done almost everything differently. But I also know that this was the best I could have done during that time and looking at the result with that knowledge I am truely proud of the result.

After my third year, I took one year off to go to Psyop in LA. My goal was to get some international experience or well or what awaits me once I go out into the industry. At Psyop my learning curve got an immense boost. Dan Vislocky was an awesome supervisor and he and the animation team at Psyop taught me a lot about animation. This one year was really important for me. Because now I already knew what to expect, once I get out of school. Back in Germany I started working on my final thesis idea / script, when I had the chance to work on “Room on the Broom” at Studio Soi, which luckily is right next to Filmakademie. I knew that animating on a 30minute short and doing my own diploma would be impossible. But since I didnt want to miss the chance to work on such a great project I’ve decided to extend my studies by another year. This was also one of my best decisions I could have done! Once again I’ve learned an unbelievable amount during that production. And just like being at Psyop I’ve gotten to know a whole bunch of amazing people, who became very good and close friends. Now after having spent one year on my thesis short I am ready to go out into the industry.


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